martedì 6 novembre 2012

Doom tour 12"

official distribution for the DOOM Euro tour 12", 4 new tracks (already on the US tour 7") + Celtic Frost/Shilickers covers, retail and wholesale, contact us!

lunedì 29 ottobre 2012

new arrivals

just in stock: Kollettivo, Noothgrush, Impiety, Hellkontrol, Lethal Aggression, Missbrukarna, Dark Tranquillity, Hellwitch, Warsong...

martedì 16 ottobre 2012

new arrivals in distro

new arrivals: Confuse, Chaos UK, Varukers, Agathocles, Hellhammer, Noothgrush, Black Shape of Nexus...

lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

giovedì 27 settembre 2012

mercoledì 29 agosto 2012


massive update in the CD and OFFER distro sections!!

martedì 26 giugno 2012

venerdì 22 giugno 2012

USURPRESS + BARBARIAN euro tour 2012

USURPRESS, swedish old school death metal, ex and current members of DIskonto, Iron Lamb, Sportlov, Uncurbed, Embalmed, Tyrant BABRBARIAN, italian speed/black metal, only 1984 is real!

lunedì 18 giugno 2012

domenica 17 giugno 2012

distro update

bunch of new arrivals: Machetazo, Hooded Menace, Peace or Annihilation, Merciless, Maximum Rock'n'Roll, Eskorbuto, Wretched, Satanic Malfunctions...

giovedì 14 giugno 2012

venerdì 1 giugno 2012

EMBERS - Shadows 2xLP out now on Iconoclast Recs.

Coming from the hardcore punk/crust scene -Kelly and Steve were members of Lesser of Two-, Oakland, CA based Embers play skillfully with elements of Black metal, Doom and Crust with a catchy and original taste. Imagine Ludicra and Remains of the Day dining and jamming with Emperor in the depths of a crypt, and you would be close to comprehending the result. It is perhaps the massive use of keyboards, which give an aura of gloomy atmosphere to the whole recording, without disturbing or overpowering the frequent epic guitar duels. Every element, be it the guitar riffing (obscure and melodic, using tremolo-picking), the complex rhythm section (sometimes furiously blasting, sometimes heavy pounding) or the masterly interplay between the two voices (the grim vocal of Kelly and the growl of Timm), blends to perfection. In the end, their style is unique, try to believe it.

lunedì 21 maggio 2012

mailorder update

check out our mailorder: Horror Vacui 7", Crude "Corner" LP, Funebre "Cranial Torment" LP, Catheter new Lp...

lunedì 30 aprile 2012

out now Miasmal and Pyroklast Lp's!! + tons of new arrivals in distro (Midnight, Nunslaughter, Abhorer, Inservibles, Lip Cream, Carcass, Rest in Pieces, Straight Ahead, Coche Bomba, Massmord...)

giovedì 19 aprile 2012


CONDOR "Speedwagon" 12" Ep just in stock! limited 300 copies, second chapter of the Fenriz Band of the Week vinyl series, norwegian speed/thrash/black attack!

lunedì 2 aprile 2012


last minute news: we just sent to the pressing plant Miasmal - s/t LP, reissue of this already classic swedish death metal masterpiece! Out for their euro tour booked by Agipunk!

martedì 27 marzo 2012

uk parade!

some cool reissues in stock, Antisect - In darkness there is no choice Lp, Varukers - Vintage Varukers 1980-1985, all DIscharge 7"'s and more!

mercoledì 21 marzo 2012


new arrivals in distro from Profane Existence (Amebix, In Defence, Resistant Culture, Resist...), Blood Harvest (Xenomorph, Poisonous, Bombs of Hades...), new Maximum Rock'n'roll, and more!!

mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

new arrivals!!

new arrivals in distro, both sweden's DISARM ep's reissue, exclusive european distribution for canadian black metallers THANTIFAXATH, a nice stock of vinyls from MusicFearSatan Records and more!!

domenica 4 marzo 2012


Desaster new Lp arrived!! Also Tankard Demos, Slaughter "Strappado", Coke Bust 7", new Maximum Rock'n Roll, and more!!

venerdì 17 febbraio 2012

new distro stuff!!

new cool arrivals:

besides Doom double Lp and Prophecy of Doom Lp out on Agipunk, Isterismo LP collection, Entrails and Revolting new Lp's, Blue Vomit LP, SOD picture Lp and lots more, check it on

lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

MISERY - From where the sun never shines 2xLP - EXCLUSIVE EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTION!

MISERY - From where the sun never shines 2xLP - EXCLUSIVE EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTION!

2xLP!! 5 years in the making, and 17 years since their last LP, Misery has released their crowning achievement. This time around sees Misery wielding their bass driven claustrophobic heaviness of the earliest work and combing that with the powerful clear production of the later releases. From Where the Sun Never Shines displays everything one has come to expect from them, uncompromising darkness and the bleakest of worldviews while always holding onto the faintest glimmer of hope. Trends come and go, but Misery remains, bowing to no one.

sabato 7 gennaio 2012


a heavy load of new stuff in distro + even heavier prices reduction mailorderwide, check it out!!!!