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G.A.T.E.S. + M.P.D.S

by Astolfi M.P.D.S. DeathLord

G.A.T.E.S is a japanese metalpunk band formed in 1999 with three metalheads and a punk guy. The bass player Mikami used to play for a progressive metal band called SALEM and now plays for the Doom Metal band CHURCH OF MISERY. Negishi, the singer, is ex-CHURCH OF MISERY. He also used to sing for a hardcore band ASSAULT. Our drummer Samm used to play for SABBAT and SACRIFICE. Now plays for a ghost of N.W.O.B.H.M. band MAGNESIUM and also for METALUCIFER. The guitar player Futatsugi used to play for a crusty hardcore band ANTI AUTHORIZE and also for LIFE.
Demo 1, 2003, Tape self released.
Split w/ Metal Skull (Jap), PIC-LP.
“Total death” CD (early discography), 2005 Diwphalanx Records.
Split w/ Disclose (Jap):
1st edition: 7” EP, Dan-Doh Records 2005 (Black & LTD 200 Red vinyl)
Re-released as 10” version by Plague Bearer rec. 2007.
Split w/ Bludwulf (Usa), 7” EP 2007, High Society Satanic rec.:
Regular edition LTD 300 Black vinyl
Record Boy / Punk And Destroy edition LTD 200 Clear Vinyl
Members Edition LTD 100 White vinyl with M. P. D. S. patch
“Devastation” MLP 2008 (see review for notes)
“Blood sucker” EP High Society Satanic 2008:
One sided 7” EP LTD 160 copies, contains an alternative version of the song from the “Devastation” MLP.
Out soon: “Total death” re-release on PIC-LP by DESTROY REC. (Uk)

Label / Year: High Society Satanic rec. 2008
Format: MLP with guillotine shaped sleeve + stickers + OBI, out in three different versions with three different covers:
LTD 200 regular edition.
LTD 100 Record Boy / Punk and Destroy edition.
LTD 100 M. P. D. S. members only.

“Devastation” is the long awaited new work of this sensational combo formed about ten years ago by current and past members of well known japan bands… and finally it’ s ready to devastate your turntable!!! After a demo and some high quality splits, this is the time of a solo MLP having 5 tracks of killer Motor-Punk and believe me if I say that these Japanese veterans are offering fucking killer music release after release! Hyper-catchy riffs, harsh voice, great bass work and punkish drum mixed into various both Metal & Punk elements that make G.A.T.E.S. a band so original and unique, playing at the same time an “usual” old styled genre but standing as gold in a field of iron!!! They recall to Motorhead at a first heard, but here you can find also elements from Tank, Hammerhawk, Raven and other heavy acts together with early GBH / Venom parts charged in a more aggressive matrix with lot of great solos in the best jap-tradition!!! Out in three editions with three different cover designs done by Reverend J. Sinn (singer of Bludwulf), “Devastation” is another luxurious jewel of the obscure label High Society Satanic. The one and only “negative” point, if it can be called that, is about its bad distribution here in Europe (and probably also in the rest of the World) making this G.A.T.E.S. product another “hard-to-find” item as their previous ones… But probably it’s what they want: be an elitist band, not for everyone but for special maniacs only, giving a big kick to posers and downloaders ass around the scene!

G.A.T.E.S. is also a band into METAL PUNK DEATH SQUAD club, a movement for the fans of both Metal and Punk music around the world.

This club started in the middle of 2007 as a sort of “joke” between good guyz into the scene as MFG of G.A.T.E.S. (Japan), Reverand J. Sinn of Bludwulf (Usa, east coast), Joel of Toxic Holocaust (Usa, west coast) and Staff of Destroy record (Uk) exalting their preferred old and new bands concerning this mix of sounds, and nowadays the movement is becoming even more big week after week.
If we should give a “point of departure” of the club it was into the “Members” edition of BLUDWULF / G.A.T.E.S. 7” EP, strictly limited to 100 copies including the patch which gone to real maniacs, supporters and collectors of the movement. There was no better release to start this kind of revolution into the realm of these two so worshipped genres. A new age is coming…
Lot of bands, persons, maniacs can exchange their points of view, opinions and wathever about Metal Punk through the “myspace world”, a good meeting point for every kind of fan into that music. So other chapters of the club followed their primal instinct rising horns to Punk and Metal: Russian / Mexican / Portugese / Taiwan / South Korean chapters, Italian Gangsters section and others are coming up!
Myspace also got many posers hidden behind the monitor of their PC, but M. P. D. S. absolutely don’ t support them: you know who you are! MP3 Downloaders, whimps, false metalheads or fashion punx must stay away from this congregation. If you don’ t support records, gigs and sincere attitude believing only in appareance and gossip, well, you have no future in this world!!!
Seems strange but metalpunk movement is not the last new of today… Metal and Punk are two kind of music that travelled together for ages, with friendship and also some misunderstandings, but always together. Think to bands such as Sacrilege (Uk), Accused, English Dogs, Hellbastard, Onslaught, Mentors, Voivod, G.I.S.M., Plasmatics ecc… they ever got influences from both the styles! And it’ s spontaneous to define their sound METALPUNK!

At the end of this report MFG (Futatsugi), guitarist of G.A.T.E.S., gives to us some answers about his band and his thoughts about METAL PUNK DEATH SQUAD club / movement:

1) Hail Masayasu! First of all explain the meaning of the abbreviations in G.A.T.E.S. band name, there is something in common with the word “gates”? In which way you chosen this name?

Our official band name is G.A.T.E.S. stand for God Admires The Evil Soul.
One of my favorite bands used to sing like "crush the gates of heaven and hell”,I thought it's really cool and inspired by it. Early G.A.T.E.S or actually myself was quite into occult style and tried to represent it.

2) Your band has the perfect music mixture for a good live performance. Do you usually play shows? If yes, what kind of people is present to your concerts? More metalheads than punks or the reverse?

Other members of the band play for other bands and G.A.T.E.S is just their second band so we don't play that much. I 'd prefer make our live show special thing and I always try to concentrate on the forth coming show and raise up my attention towards it. Even if it didn't work well, I wound 't be disappointed. Different types of bands ask us to play with at their shows, from up and coming crusty hardcore bands to older experienced bands.
G.A.T.E.S is a very unique mixture of people whose musical backbones are different. That's why we have offers form different types of bands.

3) Which is the usual G.A.T.E.S. listener? In japan the metalpunk scene is united or not?

Mainly punks but many different types of people listen to our music. In Japan, you can easily get information about underground music. There' s no proper "metalpunk" scene here. People just listen to what they think cool, they don' t stick if it' s punk or metal.

4) What about your lyrics?

Better ask about it to the singer! Basically our lyrics are in japanese. I think singing in english is easier than in japanese but he sticks to sing in japanese, not english.
In a word, our lyrics are very japanese occult type thing.

5) First of your words about M.P.D.S. movement give us some info about G.A.T.E.S. future.

Destroy records (UK) just put out the vinyl version of Total Death CD. HG Fact (Japan) will put out our split 7" with a band called BURNING LEATHER from US in the near future.
Please wait and see! Don't miss them out!

…about M.P.D.S.:
if I talk about the history or my view or details, that' d be really long, sonext time.
The music genre "metalpunk" has been there for long long time and I' ve been always attracted by certain music that is now called metalpunk. I wanted to share the sympathy or whatever with a few metalpunk fans, then one day I talked to Jmmi Sinn and the idea of M.P.D.S. was popped up! It' s a big surprise that many people like the idea and support us. I appreciate it so much.
I know some people will say "drawing the line is nonsense. No borders between punk and metal. Just have fun!" But that's not what i have intended and I' m afraid this kind of attitude would kill the music, it would hurt the core, the essence of each genre. Punk is punk. Metal is metal. They are different, but I can enjoy both! And I believe all you guys with the pride of M.P.D.S. in the heart know about it, right?
"I can't live without MOTORHEAD" or "I' m a DISCHARGE junkie". If both punks and metalheads started the conversations like that and understood each other, that' d be really great. M.P.D.S. is kind of a strategy to make it happen. It’ s not a joke but not a total serious thing, ha.
You know what i mean?
MFG / 2009.

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