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08.05.09 mailorder update

SCATHA - After the dust settles 2xLP
Born in Scotland in 1995 from the ashes of Disaffect and Sedition, Scatha established themselves as one of the most important names in the 90's crust scene.

Carrying on a deep concept rooted in the celtic culture, their songs still remain a breath of fresh air, complex, slower, sometimes with a metallic pace,

leading crust to an original and still unreached by others level. This double Lp features in their entirety "Respect, Protect, Reconnect" '96 Lp, "Fuck the

system" '97 Ep, "Birth, life and death" '98 Lp and tracks from the split Ep with Dagda. Comes with thick booklet with lyrics. Already out on Cd on MCR

Company/Japan, now you have the chance to get those masterpieces in the original vinyl format

WOLFBRIGADE - Prey to the world LP
we are proud to announce their come back with a new Lp, 10 new songs recorded at the SUNLIGHT studios with Thomas Skogsberg! The songs sound like a mix

between the "Allday Hell" era and "Lychantro Punk". Limited edition on clear silver-splattered vinyl only through mailorder

HELLBASTARD - Rippercrust LP
Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the official re-release of the record that gave birth to the term "crust"! Originally released in 1986 as a

demo-tape, all the songs are here digitally remastered to sound powerful than ever and to blow away all the poor-quality bootlegs around. This is true

metal/punk crossover, totally influential! Lp comes with silver screened cover, "remastered" original artworks, 4 pages inner sheet and big poster. Limited

to 500 copies. 100 copies on red stained white vinyl

VV.AA. - Speed Punk Metal Crust 4 Way EP 7"
CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY (Ita): the heralds of roaming speedpunk returns with a brand new track deep inspired by Tank, Warfare and Motorhead!!!
NUCLEAR FROST (Bra): total dis-cimex warshippers, guttu-vox and raw noizes! For lovers of Masskontroll, Crude SS, Doom!!!
ARMAGEDOM (Bra): the brazilian thrashcore veterans still invade the underground with a 2004 track never on vinyl before!!!
MINKIONS (Ita): dirty rotten HC thrash the fast way, great attitude and full devotion to C.O.C., Cryptic Slaughter and Accused soundstyle!!!
LTD 500 hand-numbered copies, splatter vinyl.
Agipunk / Terror From Hell co-prod. 2009

This is the demo before the first legendary Lp, lots of classics
fan club

WARZONE - Tommy Rat Demo 1984/Street kids Demo 1986 LP
Lower East Side hardcore crew, demos!
fan club

BEASTIE BOYS - Polly wog stew EP LP
originally released by Rat Cage in 1982, this reissue also contains some live. This is hardcore, pre-hip hop era!
fan club

WEEKEND NACHOS - It's a wonderful life LP
seven tracks quick-paced thrashers on this album powerviolence to the bone! These boys from Illinois known their shit and have bowed down at the alter of

their influences, if you like Lack Of Interest and No Comment you might like this as well.. power-forever-violence-core!
Get a Life

DEAN DIRG - Four successive blasts LP
We sent out our hunch-backed assistant Ygor one night to dig out this record again which originally saw the light of day on SIX FEET UNDER REC. Our

scientists enlarged the already sightly 10'' body, consisting of the out-of-print "Chimpanzee" 7" and the split 7''s with HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE and

BOMBENALARM, by two good inches and attached the ''What's new?'' 7'' in a successful surgical intervention in our laboratories. The result is a 20-songs

strong monster of a record that also got a facelift and a more colorful new jacket. Set out to destroy, this Punkrock killing machine will blow your roof!
P. Trash

TATORT TOILET - Heil hightech 7"
Get spastic and convulse like a retard with these German hardcore pogo punks who mix the '77 sound of the Adverts, Briefs, Hatepinks and the Shocks with the

early hardcore sound of the Hypnotics, Career Suicide and the peculiarity of the Weirdos! This is awesome party music for the seriously retarded!!!!
No Front Teeth

12 songs of raw and depraved Hardcore-Punk with a primitive and proud "I don't care about your world"-attitude that simply can't be overheard. These new

songs are stripped down and fucked up but still keep a snotty catchiness. Think of end 70s England bands like THE USERS mixed with early 80s mid-tempo

Hardcore from Boston and the young ADOLESCENTS, spiced up with killer Bass-lines, stirring chorus and lyrics that speak straight from the heart of any low-

life out ther). A short and all around slap in the face of modern society and determined bands that want to break through, presented by a singer that soon

needs to be delivered into the nuthouse, where JAY REATARD and Doph of DEAN DIRG are already waiting to play a round of Mau-Mau.
P. Trash

originally releases in 1985, this is pure heavy metal from brazil cult bands
Dies Irae

DORSAL ATLANTICA - Ultimatum Outtakes (83-85) CD
outtakes off the split album with Metalmorphose, still heavy metal, before getting on the thrash side
Dies Irae

HELLKOMMANDER - Death to my enemies CD
old school death metal total devoted to Hellhammer, from Brazil!
Dark Sun

hailing from Brazil, devoted to Onslaught, Venom, Bathory, old school heavy/black metal!
Dark Sun

ARMAGEDOM - Sem esperancas CD
brand new LP for the brazilian thrash veterans, brazilian cd version

LEWD - Kill yourself…again 2xLP
Another worldwide exclusive vinyl version of the cd on Chuckie-Boy records. Yes,we're speaking of THE LEWD, the legendary SF punkrock band of 'Trashcan

baby', 'Kill yourself' etc fame. No less than 29 songs,including their American wino lp, compilation tracks as well as about an entire record of previously

unreleased tracks/versions. This is the first time in 20 years these tracks have become officially available on vinyl."

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