sabato 4 luglio 2009

04.07.09 mailorder update

CAMPUS STERMINII - Life is a nightmarish struggle LP
after their split LP with Disgusting Lies, the split 7" with Nulla Osta and a small hiatus, Campus Sterminii are back stronger than ever. The songwriting has improved, we are still into the realms of crust but with a wider range of influences going from Driller Killer to Hellshock, from Amebix to State Fear. Prepare for an original record that fears no competition! Cover artwork By Stiv of War. Limited to 500 copies, 100 on purple-stained clear vinyl!

CONTRAST ATTITUDE - Apocalyptic raw assault LP
Apocalyptic raw punx wall of noise from Japan! This is the most distorted record of the year, for fans of Confuse, Disorder and Disclose, but expect a more brutal and fat sound. Cd version on Dan-Doh/Japan, US press on Whisper in Darkness. gatefold cover + poster. limited to 500 copies, 100 copies on half green/half red vinyl!

The July issue of MRR is just about to hit the newsstands! We’ve got some killer interviews and scene reports this month from around the world. But Boston and DC are in the spotlight—we get the skinny on female-fronted Boston hardcore punks, THE LIBYANS. The current wave of DC straightedge hardcore bands is represented with COKE BUST, and we’ve got an interview with the raging, non-sxe, but DC based all-girl hardcore punk band, TURBOSLUT. We’ve also got interviews with Austin’s garage flavor of the month, STRANGE BOYS, who dish about brotherly love, and another with the elusive Belgian hardcore band, VOGUE. The controversial early ’80s styled Italian band, SMART COPS weigh in, and ZYANOSE also get a feature, true sounds of noise damage from Japan. There’s an extensive scene report, a recap of all that has happened in Canada’s fine city of Toronto over the past couple of years, from the break up of THE BAYONETTES to CAREER SUICIDE’s upcoming LP to bands like URBAN BLIGHT and BAD CHOICE. We also cover the political and social history of squatting in Italy, from the communist uprisings of the late ’60s and punks in the early ’80s right through to the current situation. Finally, we catch up with one of punk’s most striking artists, Portland’s Dennis Dread, whose stunning and provocative artwork has graced the covers of punk and hardcore records for years. All this plus the usual columns, news, and the most extensive review section in punk—all the recently released records, zines, demos, books and films!

VV.AA. - Russia bombs Finland LP
PROPAGANDA-Sampler from 1982, one of the best ever, 35 songs by: BASTARDS, KAAOS, NATO, TERVEET KÄDET, RIISTETYT, 013, MAHO NEITSYT, APPENDIX, SEKUNDA, ANTIKEHO + DACHAU! Comes with original fanzine

AFTERBIRTH - The prophecy of doom LP
Second full length from these Scottish/Polish punks from Edinburgh
(Scotland). 8 songs burly modern neo crust not so far away from From Ashes
Rise and with a little touch of Burial. Recorded in Studio 1 in 12 by Bri
(Doom). Amazing cover art from Artur (Bright City Design). 500 copies made
on black vinyl.

VV.AA. - Più Veloce 7"
Affluente, Downright, Ludd, Anti You, Max Carnage, Ed, Mastic, Death Before Work, Coloss, Elopram, Carlos Dunga, Un Quarto Morto, Contrasto, Mithra: a great manifest of the current italian fastcore scene!
DIY Conspiracy

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