giovedì 22 gennaio 2009

2008: top 10!!!


1)TOXIC HOLOCAUST(Usa) all works
2)BLUDWULF(Usa) “Children shouldn’ t play with dead things” (The most listened track in my life!!! An obsession!!!)
3)G.A.T.E.S.(Jap) “Devastation” MLP (…great words on the OBI!)
4)AFTER THE BOMBS(Can) all works & amazing italian dates!!!
5)The drunk weekends with Gio sleeping in car.
6)An overdose of Superchrist, WarRipper, Inepsy, Skidkids and (new) Malignant Tumour!!!
7)More and more studs and patches!!!(Like a drug…)
8)More and more into punk scene!
9)CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10)AGIPUNK-distro for the tons of Metal and Punk records!!! Never stop the madness!!!

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