martedì 27 gennaio 2009

27.01.09 mailorder update

basta con queste cazzate del calcio, per fortuna che ora inizia la stagione ciclistica... nuovi arrivi:

BAPHOMET'S BLOOD - Second strike LP satanic speed metal from Blasphemophager members, total Bulldozer worshippers! gatefold cover and poster! Iron Bonehead 10

FINGERNAILS - Heavy metal forces LP 20 Years Passed Since The Release Of There Self Titled Debut 12"LP...And FINGERNAILS Are Still Getting Crazy!!! "Heavy Metal Forces" Contains Recordings From The Very Early Days Of The Band Such As Songs From The "Welcome America" EP ´85, "HM Forces" Demo `85, "Shadow Of The Blade" Demo ´86, "Dirty Wheels" Demo ´87 As Well As An Unreleased Song Of The Year `88 And Two Live Recordings From The Years `83 & `84. All In All 12 Headbangers With A Total Playingtime of 40 Minutes! 666% Italian Heavy Metal History!!! limited to 500 copies Iron Bonehead 10

VV.AA. - Killed by Demos 1 LP This LP contains the original demos from classic hardcore bands S.O.A. (D.C.), THE ABUSED (NEW YORK) and HONOR ROLE (VIRGINIA) in good sound quality and comes with an insert with band information and artwork. These demos were all originally recorded in 1980 (S.O.A.), 1982 (THE ABUSED) and 1983 (HONOR ROLE). Classic Reagan-era hardcore! fan club 11

NEGATIVE APPROACH - Pressure LP Side A is everything from the Tied Down LP, and Side B is all live material with 3 unreleased tracks. Recollect 11

ANTIDOTE - Thou shalt not kill LP The original ANTIDOTE “Thou Shalt Not Kill” came out on 7” only in 1982 and there we’re only 1000 copies printed EVER! This band has played a HUGE part in Hardcore/Punk music. Featuring Arthur Googie who was a former member of the original MISFITS and played on “WALK AMONG US”! Back up vocal by John Josephs of Cro-Mags! This is a piece of hardcore history! featuring bonus unreleased & live songs Ilegal y Que Discos 11

ANGRY SAMOANS - Back from Samo LPclassic punk rock, their scond lp from 1982!!!! fan club 11

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