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I) How important is the emperor for the Japanese culture? And does it influence the government's decisions?

I) For our generation the emperor is just emperor but for old generation
the emperor is the symbol of Japan I think. The emperor had strong
influence during the II world war but now the emperor doesn't influence the government decision.

2) What kind of government is there in Japan? How many parties? And what about the antagonist movements?

2) Democracy. we have mainly 6,7 parties. One party has strong force but i
can't believe the party. But the antagonist party is weak, so the antagonist
movement is not so active in Japan so we have to change the system.

3) Tell us something about Japanese religion(s) and about the possibility of ideological conflicts against other religions like Islam or Catholicism.

3) Mainly we are Buddhist. But for us it's not important. There is no
ideological conflict in here.

4) Which importance does work have in Japan? And is it possible to live without working? Is it hard to get a job being punx with tatoos, spikes and studs?

4) We can't live without working. It's important for us.
Maybe it's harder to get a job for punx with tatoos spikes and studs than
USA or Europe. Japan is strict county. But we are all working except for one guy.

5) Do neo-nazi combos exist there? If yes, how does the police act against' em?

5) No.

6) How the relationships are between Japan and N.A.T.O.,U.S.A. and Europe?
Do you think that a threat for a new world war does really exist?

6) Japanese government likes big county, especially USA. Can't say no to USA.
fuck!!! We said fuck to American punx! Haha!!!


I) Short story of the band.

I) We formed about IO years ago and changed some members and we are now.

2) What do you do for living?

2) All of us have a job. factory, car repairer, painter, junkee, bookseller.

3) If I'm not wrong you take part in a sort of crew ("natural crust punk force") that put gigs up in Japan. How does it work this organization? How much do you usually pay to see a live show? How many bands usually play in a night? What time does the show end? Do you pay bands for playing? How many gigs in a month?

3) 'Natural crust punk force' was a title of our show. But it changed new
title 'dead chain', it takes place at HUCKFINN in Nagoya at the first Saturday of each month.
And some bands organize the show. For example next month we are going to
We play with LIFE, DISCLOSE, FRAMTED and so on. But last month other
friend's band organized the show. Every month change the organizer and performance band.

4) Do squats exist in Japan?

4) No.

5) Have any G8 meetings been organized in Japan? If yes, there have been any protests ?

5) Yes, but no protest.

6) Are you politically involved?

6) No.

7) What do you think of ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT, EARTH LIBERATION FRONT, EARTH FIRST and other movements who practise direct actions as the only mean of opposition to capitalism?

7) There's no relation between my band and their movements. It depends on

8) Which bands influenced your music? And how do your lyrics see the light?

8) DOOM!! but now we are influenced not only hard core punk music but also
various other things. And our lyrics is complain and question about our living and some problems include ourselves.

9) What do you think of STRAIGHT EDGE? Are there any sxe in Reality crisis or are you a dirty crusty drunkards combo?

9) It depends on the people. It's not fashion, it's ok. We are not sxe, we
are just punk.

IO) Do you know any old or new Italian bands? Do you like some?


II) You toured U.S.A. Do you think to come in Europe too? Can you compare the American lifestyle to the Japanese one?

II) Of course we wanna tour. In USA, the way of life is almost same between
USA and Japan. But i thought American way of life is not busy than
Japanese one. Japan is very busy country!! But we couldn't drink and
smoke cigarettes freely in USA. In Japan we can drink beer anywhere!

I2) 5 things you really hate of this world.

I2) Human, work, tax, boring, and interview(haha)

I3) Are you vegetarian/vegan?

I3) No.

I4) How much is the salary of a worker in Japan? Is it enough for living?

I4) I9OOOO-27OOOO yen. It's about I7OO-25OO us dollars. We can live with
the money but it's not always enough. In Japan everything is very expensive!

I5) Do you think it's better to have a more united scene that involves crust, Oi!, grindcore, sxe hardcore and emocore bands or do you think that it's better to have lots of sectarian scenes who respect each others and collaborate for a better world?

I5) We wanna play with fun guys. We don't have to play with various bands
consciously. But if we are able to get along with hip hop guys, we wanna play with.

I6) Does the word "revolution" means anything to you?

I6) It doesn't mean just the word 'revolution' itself. But we think what we
play in a band is just 'revolution'.

I7) Do you think that someday you'll give all this up and put a happy family up or are you gonna be punx till the end?

I7) Me and one vocalist have a wife. And one guitarist has a wife and baby.
But we are punk. Forever.

I8) Future projects?

I8) European tour and a new record for your label ( Agipunk Records) and H.G. Fact records.

I9) Do you run a distribution, or a label ?

I9) We are going to release our new album from our new label.

2O) Say all the things you think Italian punx should know about you that I forgot to ask you.

2O) Are you disappointed Italian punks? We are not political band. We are
nothing but fight against our individual problem. Reality Crisis is myself. And have fun.

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  1. Son sempre interessato a leggere interviste di gruppi made in Japan, vista la mia passione per questo paese ( che nn si limita solo ai gruppi, ma a tutta la cultura in generale )
    Ho letto poche interviste a gruppi jappo, ma credo che si sia una grossa differenza tra band crust,punk del Sol Levante e quelle provenienti dal resto del mondo

    Nonostante facciano un genere le cui tematiche sono spesso concentrate su aspetti come guerra, animalismo, lotta contro lo giapponese ( che sia punk, che sia operaio, che sia agente di borsa ) ha un rapporto diverso con il propio governo / modo di vivere...non ci saranno mai grosse ribellioni...mentre in altri stati dell' Asia le manifestazioni son frequenti...avevo visto immagini di punk koreani che avevano organizzato un movimento piuttosto solido...

    Una volta lessi un'intervista agli Acrostix e ad alcune domande si limitavano a rispondere con un " no " e basta, e anche i R. C. vedo che nn perdono il vizio : ) Forse perchè non conosco l'inglese e non sanno spiegarsi bene, oppure perchè sono " infastiditi " dalla domanda...o per questioni di riservatezza

    Con le persone giapponesi che ho conosciuto ( sia dal vivo o tramite internet ) salvo rare eccezzioni, ho trovato parecchie difficoltà ad instaurare un rapporto...sarà nella loro natura, ma a volte danno l'impressione di non volersi mescolare troppo con il mondo occidentale

    Cmq tornando alla musica...l' Lp " Discharge Your Frustation " resta un ottimo lavoro, meglio dei precedenti !